By OPEC Staff

An updated schedule for the 2014 annual employee tuberculin skin test (TST)  now includes fire camps. A complete schedule of the times and locations for tests and evaluations is available by clicking here

Further updates or changes, will be published in InsideCDCR.

Each year, every CDCR and California Correctional Health Care System employee must be tested for tuberculosis as a condition for continued employment. Evaluations will be conducted during the first four months of the year.

Employees with a history of latent tuberculosis (a prior positive TB test) must be evaluated each year for symptoms of TB. If the employee is symptom-free, no further evaluation is required. If the employee has symptoms consistent with TB, then a further medical follow-up will be required.  These evaluations will be performed on any day that testing or evaluation is offered.

Employees returning from extended leave who miss the Annual Employee TST/Evaluation Program must comply with the TST/Evaluation mandate. Any such employee must coordinate with his or her Return-To-Work (RTW) Coordinator to ensure a TST/Evaluation occurs prior to the employee’s return to work.

Employees who completed a TST/Evaluation during December 2013 are not required to be retested in the January-April annual screening if the December 2013 TST/Evaluation was properly documented on form CDC 7336 (Rev. 10/02) (LINK) or in a format with the equivalent detailed information.

Employees can elect to obtain a TST/Evaluation through their personal health care provider or local public health department – at no cost to CDCR. The employee must ensure the provider completes form CDC 7336 (Rev. 10/02). It is the employee’s responsibility to provide the form to the medical professional who administers and evaluations the TST.  It is the employee’s responsibility to mail or fax the original CDC 7336 to Emeryville Occupational Medical Center, keep a copy for his or her records.  The employee also must have the provider complete form CDC 7354 and give the original to his or her manager or supervisor.

If you have any questions about the TST/Evaluation process, the TB Testing Hotline is (877) 870-3291.