By Lt. Roland Ramon, PIO/AA
Correctional Training Facility

A chaplain at the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in Soledad was honored at the recent Pre-Grammy Inter-Faith Awards.

Chaplain Acquil

Chaplain Tariq Ansaar Aquil

Chaplain Tariq Ansaar Aquil at CTF was the recipient of the Faithful Servant Award.

The event’s organizers focused on religious leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the Interfaith Community for more than 20 years.

During his acceptance speech, Chaplain Tariq Aquil talked about the support he receives from the CTF administration and co-workers.

“You may think that I am standing here with my feet firmly planted on the floor,” he said. “I assure you it is an illusion. In reality I am standing upon the shoulders of all who have gone before me in striving to repair, resurrect and rededicate our efforts to serve humanity. Although the work that brought me to the attention of the event organizers is performed behind barbed wire and high security walls, it has not been done in a vacuum.”

The Pre-Grammy Selection committee cited some of Chaplain Aquil’s achievements, including:

• In 2000, he was invited to the White House by President Bill Clinton to attend “A Call to Action” for Faith Groups of America.

• In December 2001, he addressed the Conference of World Islamic Leaders in Jakarta, Indonesia.

• In Dec. 20, 2003, he was guest speaker at Jerusalem Peace Symposium in Jerusalem.

• On March 23, 2004, he was invited to Washington D.C., where The United States Congress awarded him a Congressional Congratulatory Letter for Outstanding Community Service.

• On April 17, 2013, he received the Monterey County Peace Officers Association “Employee of the year Award.”