Major traffic-interfering construction is scheduled for May and June of 2014 that will impact many commuters in the Sacramento area, including CDCR employees.

This project will take place in Sacramento on the elevated section of U.S. Highway 50, known as the W/X Viaduct, south of downtown, between 18th and 24th streets. Fix 50, the campaign and website, will be the primary source of information regarding construction, alternate routes, and project updates.

One side of the Viaduct will be closed at a time for rehabilitation:

  • Stage 1: May 2 – May 22 (Eastbound US Highway 50)
  • Stage 2: May 28 – June 17 (Westbound US Highway 50)

Traffic will be redirected to detours and alternate routes or those who wish to proceed through the Viaduct will be rerouted to the other side of the Viaduct where both directions will share one side.  There will be significant traffic delays on the Viaduct, as well as on other freeways and arteries serving Sacramento.

Now is the time to plan ahead, including joining a carpool, arranging for alternate modes of transportation (walking, biking, taking a commuter bus or Light Rail), or seeing if you can arrange a work schedule with your senior management that avoids rush hour.

The printable PDF below has more information, including a map.

Fix 50 map and information