By Lt. Marlaina Dernoncourt, PIO/AA

California State Prison-Solano

California State Prison Solano inmates and staff made and donated a sign for the Solano County District Attorney’s Office Family Justice Center.

Solano staff also donated paint and their time to paint the inside walls of the Justice Center.

Chief Deputy Warden Eric Arnold said he is proud that Solano’s inmates and staff give back to our local community.

“My staff and the inmates are always looking for ways to give back to our community and I am proud to be a part of Team Solano,” Chief Deputy Warden Arnold said.

SOL sign donation

From left, Mark Corioso, Chairperson for the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for Solano County; Landon Bravo-Community Partnership Manager at the California Medical Facility ( CMF donated money to have the sign mounted); Tonya Parker-Mashburn, Solano Community Partnership Manager; Carolyn Wold, Family Violence Prevention Officer for Solano County; and Donald A. du Bain, District Attorney for Solano County.