By Lt. Marshall Denning, PIO/AA

Kern Valley State Prison

Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP) staff raised money and donated goods to a contract worker and her family after a fire forced them out of their home.

The donations were the latest example of KVSP staff helping those in need.

A contract worker employed at the KVSP Employee Services “Take Ten” Snack Bar and her four children were displaced from their residence by a fire in January.

Staff at KVSP moved swiftly in organizing fundraiser events and raised more than $4,300. A check was presented to the contract worker on Feb. 4.

In addition, staff donated much needed clothes for her children. The fire destroyed much of their belongings.

She said she was overwhelmed with the gratitude shown by the KVSP staff. She and her family have settled in a new residence.

“It gives you a warm feeling inside seeing the generosity and dedication of the Kern Valley State Prison employees.” said Warden Martin Biter.

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