By Kirk Geringer, PIO/AA
Pleasant Valley State Prison

One of the CDCR’s vital partnerships is with the Delancey Street Foundation, a self-help organization that provides residential rehabilitative treatment for offenders.

Last month, representatives from Delancey Street paid a visit at Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP) and visited with more than 45 inmates – specifically inmates who met Proposition 36 requirements of being potential former Lifers subject to being released from prison without parole or probation restrictions.

The representatives themselves were former offenders who were able to utilize the community resources offered by Delancey Street to turn their lives around for the better and successfully find careers.

Established in 1971 in San Francisco, the Delancey Street Foundation was created to encourage a community of former offenders to utilize and pool their unique skills and to teach and learn from one another.

It is a two-year minimum residential educational community.  Using no staff, all the functions at Delancey Street are performed solely by residents, who include ex-felons, substance abusers, and long-term gang offenders.

Encouraged to use each other’s strengths to help change their lives, Delancey Street has expanded to six centers nationally. It has seen more than 18,000 successful graduates, all living drug-, crime-, and alcohol-free lives and having developed the academic, vocational, and social skills as well as the discipline, values, and attitudes they need to live in society legitimately and successfully.

Delancey Street was invited to PVSP to educate these inmates and to ensure they have a fighting chance for success in society and the likelihood that they would not be recommitted.  While there, the Delancey Street representatives also visited with non-Proposition 36 inmates who have corresponded with them to provide guidance and insight about their programs to them as well.

Community involvement is an integral part of offenders’ successful rehabilitation.  CDCR is committed to the successful rehabilitation of offenders both inside and outside prison walls and offers a wide array of rehabilitative treatment programs designed for their unique risks and needs.

In addition, CDCR Parole Agents work diligently in all California communities to provide a network for offenders so that they can transition back into society and reduce their risk for recidivism.

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Delancey Street photo
Delancey Street graduates talk to inmates at PVSP about a successful life after prison.