By Lt. K. D. Geringer, AA/PIO

Pleasant Valley State Prison

Pleasant Valley State Prison recently seized 40 cellphones along with drugs and drug paraphernalia in response to inmates making 911 emergency calls.

Operation K9 – 911 was launched after inmates made more than 400 911 call attempts. The calls inundated the local police/CHP offices as inmates attempted to bypass the current Managed Access System (MAS) project.

The effort is an example of  how hard and successfully CDCR wages war on contrabrand smuggling.

The K-9 Unit comprised of 14 Northern/Central handlers systematically searched for the contraband through a week, covering all housing units, libraries and specific identified areas.

The K9 Units in correlation with ISU and PVSP line staff conducted searches producing the following seizure results:

  •           40 cellphones
  •           3.2 grams of marijuana
  •           7.2 grams of tobacco
  •           Drug Paraphernalia (Glass Pipe)

ISU took sole possession of the contraband and processed it accordingly.  Inmate’s suspected of being involved face disciplinary action.

With the exception of two phones, all the phones had internet capabilities and were used for narcotics transactions, money transfers and organized crime communications.

“I would like to thank the Northern and Central K9 teams for their help and dedication to this operation,” said J. Lopez, Squad Lieutenant. “Thanks to all the hard work of all facility staff and the support of our administration during this operation, It could not have been done safely and effectively without our PVSP team.  The mission was successful anytime we can remove any type of contraband from inmates it’s a great success, especially cellular/smart phones.”

PVSP phones

Contraband seized by PVSP investigators.

PVSP dope and phones

Phones, drugs and drug paraphernalia seized by PVSP investigators.