By Lt. Andre Gonzales, AA/PIO


Yaoming Cheng, Senior Librarian, Leovigildo Sanchez, Librarian, and Maria McAtee, Library Technical Assistant, display their certificate of appreciation.

California Medical Facility Warden Brian Duffy presented the staff of the CMF Library a certificate of appreciation this week, as part of National Library Week.

Jennifer A. Winistorfer, Superintendent (A), Office of Correctional Education, said the week is an excellent time to recognize all the Senior Librarians, Librarians and Library Technical Assistants for the services they provide to the offender population.

They provide a valuable resource, she wrote to the CDCR library staff, for institutions and their schools.

“I personally appreciate all the work you do in ensuring compliance with legal mandates and in providing literacy materials to the offender population,” she wrote. “You continue to rise to the challenges of your environment and strive to deliver excellent services to the offender population.”