CSP Solano

By Lt. Marlaina Dernoncourt, AA/PIO

California State Prison, Solano

Inmates, staff sponsors and volunteers recently participated in the 4th annual Cultural Awareness Day at California State Prison, Solano.

They provided information about various cultures and religions to raise the awareness and understanding of staff and inmates about the diverse beliefs, practices, and traditions among those at the prison. Among the cultures and religions represented were Hispanic cultures, Native American cultures, African cultures and pagan religions.

Those attending were given a “Passport to Knowledge” listing the various cultures and religions. After representatives of the cultures and religions explained their areas of expertise, provide handouts, pamphlets and books, they would stamp the attendees’ passport.

There were a number of performances throughout the day, including plays, poetry readings, Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders dances, speeches, and a Presentation of Colors by the Veterans of Solano Color Guard.