NAC assemblyThe theme of National Crime Victim’s Week this year was “30 Years:  Restoring the Balance of Justice – celebrates three decades of defending victims’ rights.”

Thirty years ago, victims’ had virtually no rights and no assistance.  The nation has made dramatic progress in securing rights, protections, and services for victims over the decades.

O.H. Close Youth Correctional Facility (OHCYCF) and N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility (NACYCF) supported 2014 National Crime Victims’ Week by offering its youth and staff events and activities throughout the week.

During the Victims’ Week Assembly on April 9 at OHCYCF, Cheryl Ward-Kaiser told her heartbreaking story to more than a hundred youth in hopes that will learn from her story and not victimize innocent people.

A donation of $1,000 was given to Stockton Victims of Violent Crimes from fundraisers such as the Victim’s Run, Wear your Jeans to Work for staff, and others.

On April 10 the Victims’ Week Assembly at NACYCF paid tribute to all victims.

NACYCF Extraordinary BEAT, a group of youth working together to make a difference in the lives of others, raised $1,000 for the nonprofit New Day for Children by selling T-shirts to staff members.  The NACYCF Victims’ Run raised $500 for Stockton Victims of Violent Crimes Group, and 10 bicycles were refurbished by Merced Hall youth and donated to the Haven of Peace organization.

Other highlights during this week included a Victims’ Walk at both institutions in which the youth walked or ran around the track to honor victims of crime.  A Restitution Game was played by all youth to increase their knowledge in this area and to learn how their actions impacted their victims.