Project-Map-as-of-3-27-14‘Fix 50’ – the construction on the section of U.S. Highway 50 between 18th and 24th streets in Sacramento – is on tap.

Its traffic-snarling capabilities are immense, and CDCR employees at Headquarters, or those coming to Headquarters, should plan accordingly.

The first step in any plan should be to avoid the area, also known as the W/X Viaduct.  Daily commuters should consider alternatives – including light-rail – or modifying should modify their routes, such as taking an earlier exit or taking a different highway depending on the construction phase.

Alternative routes are suggested on the Fix 50 website,

The project schedule is listed below, so commence planning.

Eastbound U.S. Highway 50: April 22 – May 21
Phase 1: April 22 through May 6
Phase 2: May 7 through May 21

During Eastbound, Phase 1 (April 22-May 6), the 11th Street On-ramp will be closed.

During Eastbound, Phase 2 (May 7 – 21), the following ramps will be closed:
– 16th Street On-Ramp
-11th Street On-ramp
-Connector ramp from eastbound Highway 50  to southbound Highway 99
– Connector ramp from eastbound Highway 50  to eastbound Business 80/Capital City Freeway

Westbound U.S. Highway 50: May 27 – June 25
Phase 1: May 27 through Jun 10
Phase 2:  June 11 through June 25

During Westbound, Phase 2 (June 11 – 25) the following ramps will be closed:
– 16th Street Off-Ramp
– Connector ramp from westbound Business 80/Capital City Freeway to westbound Highway 50