By OPEC Staff

The Twin Cities Road off-ramps along Highway 99 will be closed April 14 through May 31, and there will be no access across Highway 99 on Twin Cities Road.

Twin Cities Road will be closed between Christensen Road, west of Highway 99, and Fermoy Way, east of the Highway, but local access will be permitted.

All of this will make getting to the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center less direct, but not impossible.

Anyone traveling from the north will find it easier to take Interstate 5 south to the Twin Cities Road exit and proceed east to the Training Center. Those traveling from the south can take Interstate 5 north and do the same.

Access to the Training Center can be gained from Highway 99 by taking Exit 275A – Elm Avenue from the north or Simmerhorn Road from the south – and proceeding west to North Lincoln Way. Go north on North Lincoln Way – which turns into Stockton Boulevard – until Spring Street. Turn west on Spring Street, north on Christensen Road and back east on Twin Cities Road to the Training Center.

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