DVI GraduationDeuel Vocationional Institution (DVI) held its first graduation ceremony in almost eleven years on May 9.

Warden (A) Jerome Price congratulated the 61 students who received GEDs or Career Technical Education Certificates in Auto Body Repair, Building Maintenance, Computer Literacy, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) or American Sign Language.

The HVAC and Building Maintenance programs are National Center for Construction Education and Research certified. The certifications are recognized worldwide in the public sector and by labor unions.  These two programs are also teaching green technology with solar panels, solar heating units and other devices.

The HVAC, Building Maintenance and Computer Literacy programs are new to DVI.  The Auto Body program was the only “old” program brought back in the new alignment in 2012.DVI Graduation 2 DVI Graduation 3

All new students taking GED classes will be on the national computer-based system.  This was the last class to take the old paper version of the GED exam.


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