By Lt. Everardo Silva, AA/PIO

Calipatria State Prison

Incarcerated fathers at Calipatria State Prison were given the opportunity recently to improve the relationship with their children by recording their voices reading a children’s book as part of the Father2Child Literacy Program.

Photo's of Father2Child Literacy Imate Jose Murillo Program 5-20-2014 013The recording and the book are sent to the child, along with a Sesame Street kit which includes the book “Little Children, Big Challengers: Incarceration,” a Sesame Street DVD guide for parents and caregivers in English and Spanish, designed to help families deal with the trauma of incarceration.

Inmate Jose Murrillo recorded a note for his daughter:

“Hi, little Peanut, I know you love to stay up past bedtime, so I found your favorite Disney character, and I’m going to read your first bedtime story. Yay, Mija!”

It was the first time that Jose Murillo had ever read a bedtime story to his child.

The Father2Child Literacy Program, which is run by Karen McDaniels, is modeled after the national program created by Hope House-District of Columbia. She told the incarcerated fathers that their children would receive the packages before Father’s Day.

Warden (A) Warren L. Montgomery encouraged the inmates during the program’s opening ceremony to continue to be in their children’s life and to always let their children know the positive impacts that reading has in life.

Photo's of Father2Child Literacy Program 5-20-2014 007