By Lt. Sarah Watson, AA/PIO

California Rehabilitation Center


Warden Cynthia Y. Tampkins and Area Director Jay Brand

Warden Cynthia Y. Tampkins of the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) was awarded a certificate of appreciation for her support of the Bill Glass Champions for Life organization. 

Warden Tampkins was given one of the organization’s highest honors for her dedication and support for the program.

“Warden Tampkins has brought hope to the hopeless,” said Area Director Jay Brand.

Bill Glass, the founder of Champions for Life Ministry, was consensus All America at Baylor University before becoming a four-time All-Pro for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League. He retired in 1969, having never missed a practice or game in 22 years of amateur and professional football.

Since 1972, Glass and his volunteers “have been visiting prisons bringing inmates the message of the gospel.”  Athletes, entertainers and musicians present their talents then engage inmates to discuss how the gospel impacts the believer’s life.

Champions for Life is the umbrella organization for Behind the Walls Prison Ministry, an organization that ministers to incarcerated men, women and youth throughout the world. Behind the Walls sponsors events referred to as Weekend of Champions and Day of Champions.

Champions for Life is preparing for a two-day event at CRC on July 11 and 12.