The following information is being provided to ensure staff are apprised of the upcoming Wave 5 layoff process for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Human Resources is in the preliminary phases of Wave 5.  As part of the process, the Office of Workforce Planning facilitated voluntary and involuntary transfers for overage classifications in which current vacancies existed within the overage county and mailed Seniority Score Verification letters to employees in classifications/counties that face potential impact.

Receiving a Seniority Score Verification letter does not necessarily mean an employee will be placed on SROA/Surplus status or impacted in his or her current job.  The Seniority Score Verification process is simply a mechanism to ensure that, prior to the implementation of staff reductions, an employee’s seniority score is calculated correctly and/or updated.

Once the California Department of Human Resources has reviewed and approved CDCR’s layoff plan, labor organizations will be notified, specific information about the layoff process will be posted on CDCR’s website, and periodic written communication and/or additional e-mail blasts will be issued to ensure all employees are provided with the most up-to-date information.

All employees are encouraged to visit CDCR’s layoff process website, which can be found at:, for general information about the layoff process.

For general questions regarding the layoff process, employees may contact the Office of Workforce Planning, Customer Service Unit at (877) 297-5599 or via e-mail at