Warden Cynthia Y. Tampkins of the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) and Inmate Fire Crew #1 participated in the Cal-Fire Bautista Training Competition, an annual event that tests inmates on their endurance, ability to clear brush for fire prevention, and numerous other exercises.

Traditionally, the winning teams are called upon to fight fires in counties outside their jurisdiction.

Warden Tampkins not only attended the daily exercise on April 29, but she and three of her staffers participated in the 2.5-mile mountain hike. Warden Tampkins was only minutes behind the trained fire crew at the finish line.

“I really do believe programs like the fire camps build inmates’ self-esteem, motivate them to do better, help them give back to the community, and most importantly, save lives and property,” Warden Tampkins said.

CRC Fire Camp

Warden Cynthia Y. Tampkins and CRC Fire Crew #1