By Lt. Brian Davi, AA/PIO

Central California Women’s Facility

CCWFCentral California Women’s Facility and Inmate Ward Labor (IWL) has joined with the Fresno Area Sheet Metal Workers, Local 104, Joint Apprenticeship Training Commission (JATC), in a sheet metal pre-apprentice program.

Females are highly sought after in the building trades and construction industry, so what better fit than the inmates at CCWF.

Recently, 23 inmates were selected to begin a rigorous 30-week classroom component along with maintaining their 40-hour construction job-site training.

CCWF 2Construction Supervisor II Marty Haight and Warden Deborah K. Johnson collaborated to implement the pre-apprentice program for female offenders.

“All inmates, regardless of their classification or life-term status, should have the opportunity to be contributing members of their community by building self-esteem, improving employability upon release and stabilizing the program at CCWF,” Warden Johnson said.

IWL has successfully completed five previous pre-apprentice programs statewide.  Within the next 5 years, CCWF is slated for several improvement projects that will provide valuable training for the program participants.

Chang Hue, IWL instructor, is confident the participants will obtain the current job skills to be self-supporting upon parole and enjoy benefits of being employed.

CCWF hopes to expand the program, adding with different unions, to allow the inmates access to various types of trades.