By Lt. Sarah Watson, AA/PIO 

California Rehabilitation Center 

CRC SPECIAL OLYMPICSCaptain Robert Bandholtz and Officer David Allen of the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) joined representatives of other law enforcement agencies to support the 2014 Special Olympics at the University of Southern California (USC).  

USC played host to more than 1,500 athletes and nearly 1,000 law enforcement volunteers from numerous law enforcement agencies.  Captain Bandholtz and Officer Allen represented CRC and CDCR. The event brought the community together for a common goal of volunteering and community outreach.


“Being part of the Law Enforcement Support for Special Olympics provided me an opportunity to join with fellow peace officer’s and give back to our community,” Captain Bandholtz said.  “The pure joy of the participants is felt by all who assist to make the Olympians abilities recognized.  I hope to see more CDCR staff participate next year at the World Games in 2015.”