By Lt. Marlaina Dernoncourt, AA/PIO

California State Prison – Solano

California State Prison-Solano’s Long Term Offender Pilot Program (LTOPP) concluded its first classes of the “Victim Impact Awareness” component, consisting of 24 life-term inmates.


The inmates received both group and individual evidence-based cognitive behavior modification therapy (CBT) facilitated by Phoenix House contract staff and inmate mentors.

The CBT focused on obtaining insight regarding the effects of crime on victims and their families, the ripple effect of crime on secondary victims and the development of empathy towards those affected by crime.

Several inmates said that although they had attended other Victim Impact Awareness classes this one presented things in a way that truly affected them and made them aware of issues surrounding not only the victim and victim’s family but the community as a whole, for generations to come.

The LTOPP consists of five components – criminal thinking, anger management, family relations, substance abuse and victim impact awareness. Inmates are placed into classes based on identified needs via the COMPAS Long Term Offender Re-Entry Assessment (LTORA). All inmates in LTOPP will participate in the Victim Impact Awareness component.

LTOPP is offered at CSP Solano, the California Men’s Colony and the California Institution for Women. It is available to all life-term inmates who received a 3- or 5-year denial or stipulation at their last parole hearing.