A K-9 team from CSP-Solano won a first overall award at the 2014 Defenders K-9 Trials, in which 39 police agencies from Northern California competed. The trials were organized by the Travis Defenders Association and the Western States Canine Association and hosted at Travis Air Force Base.

The events centered on detection of explosives and drugs, and featured 32 narcotics dogs and 11 bomb dogs from the various agencies.

Among the competitors were three CDCR K-9 Officers, including a team from California State Prison-Solano – “Blue” and his handler, Correctional Officer Macaria Orgazan.  Blue, a Dutch shepherd, turned 9 years old on May 25.

K9 Blue

K-9 Officer Blue

The first event was a search of a large warehouse, and the participants were given five minutes to complete a search for narcotics. When the K-9 alerted to the odor of narcotics, the handler informed the judges of the specific location of the alert and then proceeded to the next find. If the K-9 gave a false alert, the team was penalized 25 points.  There were four finds in the warehouse, and “Blue” alerted on all four with no false alerts.

The second part of the competition was a search of four large military vehicles.  Participants had four minutes to locate four finds. “Blue” alerted on all four with no false alerts.

The scores from the searches were combined, and “Blue” and his handler Officer Orgazan placed first overall.