By Lt. James Hernandez, AA/PIO
Mule Creek State Prison 

MCSP Inmate donations

Pastor Arroyo accepting the donation from inmate Mark Daigre.

The inmates at Mule Creek State Prison collected $600 to help pay for repairs to the Amador Christian Center of Plymouth. The damages to the church occurred in mid-April after two inmates had walked away from a minimum security portion of the prison.

The inmates were apprehended April 19th near the church.  Officials believe they were responsible for the damages to the church and to a vehicle on the property. Inmates from the Victims Awareness Program, a self-help program at MCSP, came up with the idea to collect funds to help cover the cost of repairs to the church.

Pastor Danny Arroyo from the Amador Christian Center was presented with a check from the inmates in the presence of Warden Joe A. Lizarraga and his administrative staff.

“The contribution is a gesture of being a good neighbor,” said inmate Mark Daigre, “similar to when your dog tears up your neighbor’s garden, you try to make things right.” Pastor Arroyo was moved by the inmates’ contribution. “Words can’t express how grateful I am for Mule Creek’s kindness and compassion.  On behalf of the Amador Christian Center congregation, thank you.”