CDCR Parole Agents from Los Angeles Central and Mid-City Parole Districts attended a recent community resources meeting at the Los Angeles Parole Complex.

The meeting was intended introduce Division of Adult Parole Operations staff to local providers to discuss how to work together to refer and place parolees in programs to address their criminogenic needs, and reduce recidivism.

Several DAPO-funded community-based programs were represented and other organizations including the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Parole Out Patient Clinic, Veterans Affairs, Friends Outside, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Several of Parole Agents received awards from Friends Outside and Contra Costa County Department of Education for having the most referrals of parolees to programs and for their focus on assisting parolees to change their behaviors.

The event was planned by Parole Administrator Vincent Thompson, Parole Administrator John Bent, Parole Agent III Annette Foster and Parole Agent II Paul Cooper.  The agents and representatives from the community-based organizations provided positive feedback on having the opportunity to do some networking.