By Lt. Kirk Geringer, AA/PIO

Pleasant Valley State Prison

BATTLE OF BADGES 3 In the 13th Annual Battle of the Badges North Valley Blood Drive,  the staff from Pleasant Valley State Prison stepped up to the challenge with 140 registrants, the most by any North Valley correctional facility.

The donations have a substantial impact on the availability of blood for accident victims, cancer patients and premature babies.

BATTLE OF BADGESEvery year the Central California Blood Center conducts the Battle of the Badges Blood Drive – a friendly competition among the local law enforcement personnel, including CAL FIRE.

The Battle of the Badges began in 2007 in Southern California as an opportunity for badge-carrying personnel to help the community through a friendly blood drive competition.  In six years, the program has grown into what has become one of the nation’s largest and most successful law-enforcement blood drive.

Blood Drive The life-saving blood collected through the Battle of the Badges helps alleviate the strain on the continually depleted blood reserves.