By Lt. Brian Davi, AA/PIO

Central California Women’s Facility

Members of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #4327 and the U.S. Army Reserve Unit from Merced recently visited the Central California Women’s Facility to commemorate National Armed Forces Day with the inmate population.

Warden D.K Johnson welcomed the Merced VFW members and U.S. Army personnel to CCWF.

“It is always great to see volunteers from the community visit CCWF with a positive impact, especially the volunteers who take pride in helping to promote patriotism,” said Warden Johnson.

CCWF’s Veterans Support Group staged the institution’s first ever “Troop Day,” attended by approximately 255 general population inmates.

The U.S. Army Reserve displayed a five-ton armored cargo truck on the Main Recreation Yard.  The massive vehicle was fixed with camouflage netting to provide a realistic look of what looks like during a combat situation.

Throughout “Troop Day,” the VFW volunteers presented their history of the Merced VFW and many of their personal experiences while serving on foreign soil, which provided a living history lesson of our veterans.

Military-style physical fitness tests and team competitions were conducted throughout the event.  Numerous inmates competed in a push-up and sit-up competition, followed by a two-mile run on the track. Ribbons and prizes were awarded to the top three in each category.