PVSP FIRE CREW 3The Pleasant Valley State Prison Fire Department recently dramatically illustrated the Good Neighbor policy CDCR has in all the communities where it has a major presence.

A passerby noticed fire coming from the rear of the Ace Hardware store in Coalinga, but when the local fire department arrived the fire had spread through the entire storage area of the business and was beginning to spread to the interior.

PVSP FIRE CREW 2Coalinga has an automatic aid agreement with Fresno County Fire District, and mutual aid agreement with Cal Fire, Pleasant Valley State Prison and Kings County Fire Department, so those departments responded as well.

PVSP Fire Chief Arturo Munoz and Fire Captain Jim Lescatova responded with four inmate firefighters.


“Quick work and a coordinated effort by all agencies involved will allow this business to reopen as soon as possible,” said Coalinga Fire Chief Steve Henry.  There were no injuries as the result of the fire.  Its cause is under investigation.

The loss caused by the fire is estimated at $100,000, but the quick response resulted in an estimated $500,000 savings.


Photos by Carol Donaldson, Coalinga Reporter