The California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) has recognized Avenal State Prison  Warden Carl Wofford as CALPIA Warden of the Year.

This annual award honors a CDCR warden who exemplifies CALPIA’s vision, mission and values and shows a partnership in the management of CALPIA’s correctional industry enterprises.

“Carl Wofford is an extraordinary advocate of CALPIA’s programs and supports what we strive for every day, providing job skills to offenders so that when they parole they never return to prison,” said Charles Pattillo, General Manager of CALPIA.  “He is truly deserving of this recognition due to his continual support and being a voice for CALPIA.”

Wofford has shown true commitment to CDCR and CALPIA by ensuring that all correctional industry enterprises at Avenal State Prison are fully staffed and operational, offering offenders every opportunity of training and job skill building available to them.

In 2013, Wofford demonstrated leadership in handling the decline of minimum-security offenders due to the AB109 realignment and despite the challenges he was able to assure that all CALPIA offender positions were filled as quickly as possible.

Wofford initiated the Positive Placement Program, a program designed to move all minimum-security CALPIA offenders from four yards to one building on Facility A. This was to create a positive environment for the offender workforce that would be free of distractions and influences from the other yards.

The result has been an all-inclusive workforce with minimal disruptions and positive reinforcement of CALPIA’s mission.

CALPIA is a self-supporting state entity that provides training and productive work assignments for approximately 8,000 offenders in California.  CALPIA receives all of its revenue from the sale of the products it manufactures.