By Lt. Robert Kelsey, AA/PIO
Sierra Conservation Center

Sierra Conservation Center (SCC) was paid a visit by Ruth Sanchez, Development Director for the Special Olympics Northern California and Nevada, to promote fund-raising efforts for the Special Olympics.

Ruth was accompanied by one of the athletes taking part in the Summer Games.

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Karissa Krater pictured on the left side, and her mother, Christa Trinchera pictured on the right.

Karissa Krater has completed in the Special Olympics the last 10 years and has won more than 40 gold medals, many of them in various swimming events.

During their visit to SCC the group spoke to inmates who are doing their part in the fund-raising with a 5K Run/Walkathon on two separate yards in an attempt to raise funds to help athletes such as Karissa have the chance to take part in this annual global event.

All funds from the 5K Run/Walkathons were given to the Special Olympics to help fund future Olympians.