By Lt. James Herrera, PIO/AA

California Rehabilitation Center

The California Rehabilitation Center’s Crisis Response Team (CRT) tryouts were recently held at the Federal Range to canvas for potential candidates. A total of 21 candidates battled for four coveted spots on the team. CRT is an elite team of mentally acute and physically fit officers.

The CRT mission is to respond to situations deemed high risk and/or require specialized training, expertise, and equipment that exceeds the training and capability of traditional law enforcement first responders and/or investigative units. A non-violent resolution is the ultimate goal.

Potential candidates must possess the ability to endure physical and mental challenges under highly stressful scenarios.  Tryouts began with a two-mile run and obstacle course which included a series of physical challenges and weapons qualification.

Joining the candidates was Warden Cynthia Y. Tampkins of the California Rehabilitation Center, who successfully completed the entire exercise and met each scenario head-on without hesitation.  Although not a candidate for CRT, Warden Tampkins wanted to show her solidarity with her staff by participating.

CRT Commander (A) Vernon Grant said, “The team was highly impressed by her (Warden Tampkins) ability to endure the challenges of the day.”