By Tom Mattson, AA/PIO
North Kern State Prison

Inmates at North Kern State Prison (NKSP) were recognized for their accomplishments when they received diplomas during graduation ceremonies on Aug 7 and 8 – bringing the total of inmates receiving GEDs to more than 145 this year.

NKSP Graduation August 2014 (2)

The Administrative staff in the front middle of the photo from left to right are Teachers David Diaz and Darin Cross, Warden Sandra Alfaro and Principal Ross Zimmerman.

There were 40 inmates who received their GED from Facilities A and M, according to Ross Zimmerman, Principal for NKSP’s adult education program.

In the last 12 months, more than 145 inmates have earned their GED at NKSP, many of whom have since paroled or transferred to other prisons.

In addition to the GED, inmates may earn certifications in vocational training, or an accredited college degree through NKSP’s college correspondence program.

Warden Sandra Alfaro said she is proud of North Kern State Prison’s Educational Team and encourages the inmates to “Continue to set goals for themselves and promote positive change.”