By Lt. Hererra, AA/PIO
California Rehabilitation Center

The Boy Scouts of America Troop 127 from Corona donated handcrafted bookshelves and toy chests to the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC).  These handcrafted items were placed in the General Population (GP) Visiting Area to be enjoyed by thousands of children annually.


CRC began renovation efforts last year with the painting of a mural in the “Kid’s Corner,” new furnishings were then added, along with new toys and games.  When Staff Information Systems Analyst Michael Martin heard about the renovation efforts, he immediately volunteered the services of his son, Eagle Scout hopeful Marcus Martin, and Boy Scout Troop 127.


Troop 127 is dedicated to improving the quality of young men. Troop 127 helps and encourages boys on their journey to Eagle Scout by teaching them skills they will use in life.  They also aid them in discovering their interests regarding career choices and opportunities, mainly through the earning of merit badges. They host monthly campouts throughout southern California, where the men and boys share in fellowship.

CRC is honored to be the recipient of such fine craftsmanship and will put the items to good use.

Warden Cynthia Y. Tampkins said, “This is a win, win for the institution and Troop 127.  I realize how important the Eagle Scout achievement is to these boys, it demonstrates dedication, commitment, and servitude to the community.  We definitely needed to make our visiting room child-friendly because no child should be made to suffer for the mistakes of their parent.”