By Lt. Sarah Watson, AA/PIO
California Rehabilitation Center

The Bill Glass Champions for Life crusade recently visited the California Rehabilitation Center in Norco with simultaneous performances on the Sensitive Needs and General Population yards.  Warden Cynthia Y. Tampkins also attended.


The crusade’s leader, Bill Glass, is a former defensive end who played eleven seasons in the National Football League.

Glass lettered three years at Baylor University from 1954-56 and was the unanimous All-America guard in 1956. He made 154 tackles in 10 games. He was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 1985. His pro career covered one year (1957) with Saskatchewan in the Canadian Football League; four years (1958-61) with Detroit; and seven years (1962-68) with Cleveland.

Since 1972, Bill Glass and his crew of volunteer “teammates” have been visiting America’s prisons, bringing inmates his message of the gospel.  Athletes, entertainers, and musicians perform in a non-stop stunt- and music-driven evangelistic event, mixed in with testimony.

The week of events included a high-wire act performed by Tino Wallenda, a member of the world-famous “Flying Wallenda” family.


NASCAR racing legend Jack Meeks also joined the festivities on July 12. Raised in the oil fields of West Texas, Jack was a high roller who landed in prison as a young man where he embraced Christianity. Jack donated the Black Beauty “Muscle Car” and tours the nation telling his life story.


Warden Tampkins said, “I feel this is a beneficial event that perhaps could change the inmates’ behavior while incarcerated and may even reduce the Department’s recidivism rate.”