The CDCR Facebook site is launching an Our Promise: California State Employees Giving at work Campaign “selfie” challenge.

The Our Promise campaign is looking for photos of staff in the CDCR community serving or attending a nonprofit event. In your selfie – take a picture of yourself doing, leading or cheering on members in your community.

Take a photo at the finish line of a fundraising walk/run; capture yourself phone banking; stuffing envelopes or getting gear together for overseas packages. Whatever you do in the community – take a picture of yourself doing it and we’ll post your photo on our page.

Although there is no such thing as a “teamie,” if you and colleagues are volunteering together, put your team in the photo. There are no rules on the number of people in your photo.

Caption your photo with the non-profit name, date and the staff in the photo. If you are willing to write a short piece about your involvement, send a note to

082614 fundraiser our-promise_logo-rgb


The photos will be hosted on the official CDCR Facebook site.

When you upload your photo, be patient. It takes a few days to ensure it is appropriate and for it to be cleared by our External Affairs staff. Your photo will be posted or a note will let you know why it wasn’t.

Photos may be reprinted and shared on other sites such as Inside CDCR, Our Promise, CDCRNet and United Way campaign materials.

The photo will be posted on Facebook and we will encourage viewers to “like” them. The most “likes” will get a Bragging Rights Certificate and a photo for the web (not a selfie).