Youth offenders helped set up the Day to Remember event at the Capitol.

Youth offenders and correctional staff helped set up the Day to Remember event at the Capitol.

By Joe Orlando, CDCR Public Information Officer

Sept. 25 was a national day of remembrance of murder victims.

At the State Capitol, youth from the N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility (NACYCF)  and the O.H. Close Youth Correctional Facility (OHCYCF) donated their time and money to put on the event. The two youth correctional facilities raised more than $1,000.

Misty Foster, President of the Sacramento Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children, said the donated funds made the event possible.

Near the Capitol steps, they set up tables, chairs and over 100 victim posters to remember the victims. It’s a good chance for the offenders to remember those they’ve hurt along the way, and to give back to an event that is held throughout the United States on this day, according to officials.

Rehabilitation is vital for offenders of all ages, but critical for these young men who have a lifetime ahead of them to right their wrongs (credit langdon). This is the sixth year performing this restorative justice project.

Leading up to the event, the youth spent time talking about their crimes, and discussing what they could do to make sure they correct their mistakes, take responsibility and take steps to ensure a positive and productive future.

Emotions run deep for the families of victims, and also for those who have committed the crimes.

Denial, anger, guilt, fear, physical distress, loss of innocence, loneliness, and depression are just some of the things families, friends, and those guilty of the crimes must deal with every day, according to those close to the project.