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Stretching helps relieve stress and keeps you limber and less prone to injury. Try these stretches at your desk.

Neck: Lower ear to shoulder and slowly roll chin on chest to other shoulder and back again. Repeat 5 times. Turn head, look over shoulder, hold 5 counts. Repeat 2 times each side.

Hands & Wrists: Circle wrists inward, then outward, 10 times each direction. Interlace fingers (palms outward) and extend arms forward. Hold 5 counts, please. Repeat 3 times, shake out hands.

Upper Back & Shoulders: Move arms overhead in climbing motion, repeat 10 times each side. Circle shoulders forward, then backward, repeat 10 times each direction.

Lower Back: Bend to one side, hold 10 counts, repeat on other side. Cross one leg over the other, twist at waist and place elbow outside the crossed knee. Hold 10 count. Repeat each side. Stand with hands supporting low back. Gently arch your back. Hold 5 counts. Repeat as needed.

Here is a PDF of the stretches: Ergo Tips – Office Stretches