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Warden Cynthia Tampkins, center, held a round-table discussion with college administrators and professors.

By Lt. James Herrera, A.A., Public Information Officer
California Rehabilitation Center

A California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation warden is rallying community support to help the institution focus on the “R” in CDCR.

California Rehabilitation Center Warden Cynthia Y. Tampkins recently spoke to Pitzer College and focused her talk on rehabilitative programs.

CRC Warden Cynthia Tampkins speaks during a lecture at Pitzer College.

CRC Warden Cynthia Tampkins speaks during a lecture at Pitzer College.

Pitzer College is a private residential liberal arts college in Claremont. Each week during the fall semester, the college’s Institute of Global and Local Action and Study hosts a guest lecture series.

Warden Tampkins was the featured speaker Sept. 30. More than 150 students and faculty sat in the McConnell Founders Center to listen.

The warden spoke about the challenges of running a state prison in California.

Warden Tampkins illustrated the need for rehabilitative programs.

She issued a call to action for all who wish to be part of changing lives in prison through rehabilitation.

At the conclusion of her lecture, many engaged audience members asked questions about the classification process and inmate access to care and services.

Warden Tampkins ended her time at Pitzer College at a round-table discussion which included college administration and professors. The discussion focused on continuing efforts to offer Pitzer College courses to the CRC inmate population.

“We are working collaboratively with Pitzer College to bring a higher education to CRC’s inmates,” said Warden Tampkins. “I am honored to know my presentation moved students and faculty to continue in this endeavor.”

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