Female parolees discuss challenges they face.

Female parolees discuss challenges they face.

By Parole Agent Francine Mitchell,
Los Angeles Central Parole Unit

The first female offender work group for the LA Central #1 Parole Unit drew about 10 women.

Among the parolees seeking help in turning their lives around were four life-term parolees (one of them deaf), one pregnant female and the remaining were regular parolees.

At the Nov. 5 event, they were presented with Division of Adult Parole Operations Funder Programs by Parole Agent II Paul Cooper.

Sherry Gordon, Social Worker from the Parole Outpatient Clinic, also participated, speaking on the issues, challenges and services the clinic offers parolees.

Topics such as feelings of abandonment, choices, knowing your victims, talking things through, respect and the healing process were discussed.

Life-term parolee Sharon J. discussed her experiences as an ex-gang member and the positive choice she made to change her ways.

Life-term parolee Myra S. also spoke her wrong decisions which led her to earning her life term and her present outlook on her second chance at life.

Lastly, a hearing-impaired life-term parolee who was born deaf,  which she feels led to her life offense, spoke about her struggles with others not being able to understand her.

All the offenders said they are grateful for what they have today.

The facilitator for the group was Parole Agent III Francine Mitchell with the assistance of Parole Agent I Nicole Ghanem.

The female offenders were greeted with refreshments to welcome them to the work group.

All offenders agreed and wanted to continue to meet in the future to discuss and address the unique obstacles facing female offenders.


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