112514 SVSP ride

About 25 mountain bike enthusiasts from Salinas Valley State Prison, Correctional Training Facility and Division of Adult Parole Operations gathered at Ford Ord on Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

By Lt. Darren Chamberlain, AA/Public Information Officer
Salinas Valley State Prison

Salinas Valley State Prison hosted the first “Ride for Vets” mountain bike ride on Veteran’s Day.

The cycling event, held at Fort Ord, was attended by approximately 25 mountain bike enthusiasts from SVSP, Correctional Training Facility and Division of Adult Parole Operations.

This was the first cycling event either of the two neighboring prisons has put on in regards to organizing a collaborative, family friendly day of cycling, for all staff and families in Monterey County.

SVSP Captain Matthew Atchley, a Navy Veteran, and avid mountain biker, wanted to put together the event as a way to honor those who have served their nation in the armed forces and help ensure its democracy.

The employees and their family members that attended had an amazing time riding through miles of trails that Fort Ord has to offer, according to organizers.

The success and enthusiasm shown by the staff who attended and even those who could not attend has definitely pushed to make this an annual event between SVSP and CTF.

Next Veteran’s Day, Capt. Atchley and his supporting staff intend on expanding the event to other CDCR institutions and local law enforcement agencies as well as adding some entertaining events during the ride such as a mountain bike “Poker Run.”

In addition to this year’s event, the attending riders, at the last minute, put together just shy of $100, which was donated to the Salinas Veteran’s Day parade committee to help support their annual event.


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