By Joe Orlando, CDCR Public Information Officer

N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility (NACYCF) recently played host to the Kairos Torch Retreat.

Kairos Torch is part of Kairos Prison Ministry International, which is active in 11 adult institutions and five programs for family members in California as well as over 300 institutions in 38 states in the U.S. and nine foreign countries.

The youth were carefully selected for the Oct. 18-19 weekend program by NACYCF staff based on their willingness to be open to new experiences and receive life changing knowledge from mentors and also to continue to work on their rehabilitation, according to officials.

“The youth were very excited to participate, and had no idea what to expect,” said NACYCF Superintendent Erin Brock.

The youth were told if they attended the Kairos Torch Retreat, they would participate in activities and have the chance to get to know a mentor who could potentially change their lives over the next several months.

“The 19 youth attending and completing the retreat weekend shared they learned a lot about themselves and how there are people out there in the community who truly care about them and want to see them succeed, and continue to rehabilitate,” Superintendent Brock said.

She said the young offenders  were expressing themselves freely, showing new confidence and interacting in situations with mentors and other youth in ways to help them when they are released.

“The positive messages received and shared displayed how important the community organizations getting involved with our youth helps them develop their character,” said Superintendent Brock.

Mentors and NACYCF staff report the youth are lining up to participate in future retreats.