A graduate receives his completion certificate.

A graduate receives his completion certificate.

By Lt. Ryan Anderson, AA/Public Information Officer
Pleasant Valley State Prison

A group of men have taken steps to reclaim their lives and tackle substance abuse.

Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP) celebrated their first graduation of the Intensive Outpatient-level Substance Abuse Treatment (SAT) Program.

Two dozen inmates participated in the Dec. 10 ceremony and were awarded with a certificate of completion.

PVSP activated the multi-level SAT Program in July 2014 and has had 60 inmates successfully complete the program in the Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient Level.

The program consists of three levels: the Outpatient Level is a three-month program, the Intensive Outpatient is a five-month program and the Modified Therapeutic Community is a six-month program.

The first graduation for the Outpatient Level took place in October 2014 and the first graduation for the Modified Therapeutic Community is expected to take place in January.

“We are a new program here at PVSP that is rapidly gaining popularity within the inmate population. It is exciting to see the change in each inmate who participates in the program and we hope to give them the tools necessary to succeed upon their release back into the community,” said Jenifer Cota, Correctional Counselor III and SAT Coordinator.

The success is largely attributed not only to the dedicated contract staff who work with the inmates each day but also to the support of the Warden Scott Frauenheim and his executive staff, according to those with the program.

“I commend these men for taking this brave step to learn from their mistakes and enrich their lives,” said Warden Frauenheim. “I am confident the lessons learned throughout this program will be remembered for years to come and put the participants on the path to success.”


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