Active, retired parole agents help feed parolee families through food donation

By Vincent Thompson, Parole Administrator
Los Angeles Central Parole District

The Parole Agents for the Division of Adult Parole Operations, Southern Region Los Angeles Central and Mid-City Parole Districts provided food baskets in December to parolees and their families living in Los Angeles and Compton who were in dire need of help.

The food baskets included turkeys and canned food.

Harold Dennis, a retired Parole Agent, was instrumental in raising money to purchase the food. He also delivered the food to the Alameda Parole Complex with the assistance of Jim Kammert, a retired  Parole Agent III Supervisor.

Annette Foster, a Parole Agent III Supervisor, assisted the retirees to prepare the baskets and distribute them to the parolees and their families.

Parole Agent  Johnathan Lee delivered some baskets to parolees in Compton who did not have transportation to get to the Compton Parole Office.

Several of the parolees and their families were surprised to receive the baskets.

“They were very happy with smiles on their faces and they thanked the DAPO personnel for the assistance,” officials said.

The event was planned by District Administrators Vincent Thompson and John Bent. They were assisted by Dennis Wirt, a retired Chief Deputy Regional Parole Administrator, and Harold Dennis, a retired Parole Agent II Specialist.

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