Pictured from left are Lt. Robert Kelsey, D. Baker, Susan Mena-Syljuberget, D. Renault, H. Lackner, J. Hayward, T. Mather and P. Dion.

Pictured from left are Lt. Robert Kelsey, food services office technician Donna Baker, office technician Susan Mena-Syljuberget, Community Resource Manager Dameion Renault, Warden Heidi Lackner, food bank Director Jennie Hayward, Outreach Coordinator Tina Mather and Inmate Appeals Office analyst Pamela Dion.

More than 1,600 pounds of food donated by CDCR staff, inmates raise $621

By Lt. Robert Kelsey, AA/Public Information Officer
Sierra Conservation Center

Those in need, and the organization who helps them, received a boost thanks to the efforts of inmates and staff at Sierra Conservation Center (SCC).

SCC recently presented a check for $621 to the Calaveras Food Project. This money was raised by the inmate population through a food drive, organized by Susan Mena-Syljuberget.

Additionally staff members at SCC donated 1,166 pounds of food to help with the increased need.

Year-to-date, SCC has contributed 1,666 pounds of food and $1,028 to the organization.


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