Officer is a third generation CDCR employee

By Lt. Arnel Bona, AA/Public Information Officer
Deuel Vocational Institution

Just six months out of the academy, a Correctional Officer was the first to come upon the scene of an accident on April 29, finding the driver of a big rig badly injured and pinned inside.

Correctional Officer Serena Marquez is a third-generation CDCR employee.

Correctional Officer Serena Marquez is a third-generation CDCR employee.

Her First Watch shift over, Correctional Officer Serena Marquez was driving home from Deuel Vocational Institution on Highway 120 near Manteca when she spotted a big rig truck on its side.

Seeing the driver was still in the cab of the truck, she pulled over to render assistance.

The truck driver was bleeding from a head wound and his arm was pinned by the weight of the truck.

Officer Marquez tried to call 911 several times but the line was busy. With no help on the way, her training kicked in.

Grabbing a towel and a pair of latex gloves, she applied pressure to his wound to try to stop the bleeding.

“I kept one hand on his wound and used my free hand to hold his hand to try and keep him calm,” she said. “He appeared to be in shock as he kept asking me what happened and he appeared very confused about his whereabouts.”

Officer Marquez said the injured man was in a lot of pain.

“I tried to reassure him he was going to be fine and medical help was on the way,” she said. “I kept asking the truck driver questions about his family to keep him from panicking and going into shock. I told him that if he was having pain, he could squeeze my hand.”

Tracy Police Department arrived and called the fire department, a tow truck and an ambulance.

“Once the fire department arrived on scene, I stepped away so they could perform their duties,” Officer Marquez said. “The police officer took down my name, thanked me and told me to be safe.”

Who is Officer Serena Marquez?

  • Graduated from the Basic Correctional Officer Academy in October 2014.
  • The Marquez family has a proud tradition of serving CDCR.  Her father is a Correctional Lieutenant at DVI and her mother is a Correctional Counselor III at Valley State Prison.  Her grandfather was the Warden at DVI.