Centinela SP donates $14,000 to two groups

By Kenneth Phillips, Community Resources Manager
Centinela State Prison

As a result of recent fundraising efforts, Centinela State Prison recently provided $10,000 to assist the important efforts of the Imperial County Child Abuse Prevention Council.

The Council ensures important local services are available when needed to protect and treat abused children. The Council also provides critical counseling services to abused children and their abusers with the intent of preventing future abuse, according to officials.

In the past five years, as a result of inmate fundraising, Centinela has provided approximately $20,000 in financial assistance to the Imperial County Child Abuse Prevention Council.

The prison also recently provided $4,000 to the Central Union High School (CUHS) Law Enforcement Academy.

The Academy prepares students for law enforcement careers beginning in their sophomore year of high school.

For the past six years, Centinela State Prison has partnered with CUHS to provide professional mentors to students, trainers for an annual week-long mock academy, and with financial assistance through inmate fundraising.

The goal of the partnership is to promote law abiding behavior, and to promote entry into law enforcement careers. Select students who continue on to college after graduation with an Administration of Justice or Criminal Justice major are eligible to receive scholarships from the Academy to assist with education expenses.