By Lt. M.C. Mireles, AA/PIO

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison

The Chicano Correctional Workers Association (CCWA) recently awarded three educational scholarships to the children of Chuckawalla Valley State Prison employees.

The recipients are Kasandra Rascon, daughter of O. Magadan who received $750; Carley Teater, daughter of J. Teater who received $500; and Brianna Guzman, daughter of F. Guzman who accepted the award of $500 for his daughter.

The winners were awarded their scholarship by acting Warden Kimberly Seibel, CCWA Blythe 1 Chapter President E. Garcia and Scholarship Committee members R. Garcia, S. Dominguez, R. Dominguez, A. Figueroa and F. Velez.

A CCWA spokesman said the CCWA recognizes the importance of education and will continue to strive in awarding scholarships through their fundraising events. CVSP staff’s continued support is appreciated. CCWA’s goal is to award more scholarships in the coming years.