Tonya Parker-Mashburn, a CSP-Solano employee, was 'locked up' for a charitable cause.

Tonya Parker-Mashburn, a CSP-Solano employee, was ‘locked up’ for a charitable cause.

Muscular Distrophy Association’s ‘lock-up’ event draws support

By Lt. Marlaina Dernoncourt, AA/Public Information Officer
California State Prison, Solano

To help raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), Tonya Parker-Mashburn, Community Partnership Manager at California State Prison, Solano, went “behind bars” for a few hours.

On Sept. 3, she and many other community leaders were “locked up” at BJ’s Brewhouse in Vacaville. These jailbirds asked their family, friends and business contacts to make donations toward their “bail.”

Muscle disease is a critical health problem which takes away abilities like running, dancing, hugging, smiling and even breathing. Although these jailbirds are only “locked-up” for one hour, the loss of mobility that occurs when muscles stop working — and the limitations on freedom and independence that can cause — are for life.

The donated funds are used for a good cause – to help MDA find treatments and cures, support families with life-enhancing programs and resources, and rally communities to fight back against muscle disease.

Many individuals did a little time to do a lot of good for MDA and the individuals affected by muscle disease.

The bail for the MDA Lock-Up event in Vacaville was set at $22,000, and will be used to support adults and children in our area who are living with neuromuscular disease.

The event was supported by BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse, Endless Summer Tans, KinderCare Learning Centers, Nike, Under Armour and more.

Donations are being accepted through Oct. 18.

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