For as little as $5 per month, state employees can help benefit their communities thanks to the Our Promise charitable giving campaign.

Charities can range from helping pay a military veteran’s utility bill (through Military Family and Veterans Service Organizations of America) to paying for a meal for a harbor seal (through Wild Animals Worldwide).

“There are a lot of ways employees can help, depending on their passions,” said Rosanna Rodriguez, chairperson of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Our Promise campaign. “If our employees are able to give a little more than $5 per month, it can do a lot of good across the state.”

She cited numerous examples of charitable giving.

“Your donation goes a long way through Our Promise,” she said.

082614 fundraiser our-promise_logo-rgbHealth

  • $5 per month provides 12 high school students with lessons in financial literacy, which helps them avoid common pitfalls (United Way of San Luis Obispo County).
  • $10 per month provides two nights of food and shelter for a homeless mother and two children (United Way of Imperial County).
  • $10 per month buys 10 pounds of pinto beans and 12 pounds of rice for the poor (Christian Charities USA).
  • $20 per month provides three nights of shelter for a family of four (United Way of Inland Valleys).
  • $40 per month gives food and utilities help to three families with a job loss (United Way of Silicon Valley).

Seniors and individuals in need

  • $20 per month provides a full days meal for 10 homeless adults (Arrowhead United Way).
  • $10 per month could help a cancer patient to travel more than 100 miles for a chemo treatment (CancerCure).


  • $10 per month feeds a child every weekend for a school year (Inland Empire United Way).
  • $20 per month provides one hour of physical therapy for a child at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Community Health Charities).


  • $100 per month can remove 750 pounds of trash from the Bay and its tributaries (Conservation and Preservation Charities of America).

Healthy animals

  • $150 per month will feed five puppies in training to be service dogs for veterans (Animals Charities of America).

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