Correctional Officers John Bradley, left, and Roderick Garcia, recently helped save an inmate's life.

Correctional Officers John Bradley, left, and Roderick Garcia recently helped save an inmate’s life.

By Lt. Kelli Madsen, AA/Public Information Officer
Ironwood State Prison

Two Correctional Officers at Ironwood State Prison quickly sprang to action when they noticed an inmate was choking.

During evening meal on Sept. 18, Officer Roderick Garcia saw an inmate who appeared to be choking and unable to breathe. Officer John Bradley called in a medical emergency over the institutional radio and the two quickly responded to the situation.

Officer Garcia tried communicating with the inmate and realized he couldn’t breathe. He placed his arms around the inmate’s waist and performed abdominal thrusts to clear the airway.

He continued the thrusts until the blockage was dislodged and the inmate could breathe again.

“These distinctive actions by Officers Bradley and Garcia reflect credit upon themselves and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation,” wrote Lt. Ellenore Wimbush when describing the incident.

“We are extremely proud of these officers and their actions. They are a perfect example of the great employees we have here at Ironwood State Prison,” said Warden Neil McDowell.


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