Money has the same value, but doesn’t necessarily mean the same things to different people.

Our Promise, the state employees’ charitable giving campaign, is underway to help those in need.

082614 fundraiser our-promise_logo-rgbRather than dropping $20 at a movie theater once a month, watch a movie at home. The same money could be donated to feed one hungry child every weekend for an entire school year.

If you go without coffee one or two mornings each month, it’s about $5. The same $5 provides 40 meals for individuals through a local food bank.

Eat a meal at home instead of getting a pizza once a month, which saves you about $5. The same $5 provides enough Vitamin A capsules to save 60 African children from preventable blindness and malnutrition.

Bring a lunch to work once a month instead of buying a sandwich at a fast-food restaurant, which costs about $5. The same $5 provides enough food for a four-person family for three months.

Forgo spending $5 on bottled beverages per month and instead put the money toward providing support during three crisis calls to the Alzheimer’s Association helpline.

Forgo an outing to your favorite restaurant once a year to provide seven medical teaching dolls for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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