From left, Mark Blaser, Ventura Youth Correctional Facility Superintendent; Assemblymember Travis Allen; Richard Glassman, Ventura Youth Correctional Counselor; Daryl Lee, California Correctional Peace Officers Association; Sean Copeland, Ventura Youth Correctional Counselor; Mike Minor, Director, Division of Juvenile Justice.

By Joe Orlando, CDCR Public Information Officer
Office of Public and Employee Communications

A ceremony was held recently in Seal Beach to honor The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Medal of Valor winners Richard Glassman and Sean Copeland.

Glassman, who lives in the Seal Beach area, is a Youth Correctional Counselor (YCC) at Ventura Youth Correctional Facility (YCF). In March of 2014, he was attacked by several youth who were trying to steal his keys so they could attack another youth they were targeting. During the chaos, fellow Ventura YCC Sean Copeland, without hesitation or regard for his own safety, jumped in to save Glassman who was by then unconscious.

Ventura YCF Superintendent Mark Blaser said: “We’re very proud of Richard and Sean. We’ve always considered ourselves a family.”

At the reception held at the Marina Community Center in Seal Beach, Glassman, along with Copeland were honored by Assemblymember Travis Allen, Division of Juvenile Justice Director Mike Minor and Mark Blaser.

DJJ MOV and Beard

From left, Copeland, CDCR Secretary Jeff Beard, and Glassman at the 2015 Medal of Valor Ceremony.

Here is the description of Glassman’s and Copeland’s actions that was read at the Medal of Valor ceremony:

“Last March, Counselor Glassman entered the dayroom to provide a youth access to make a phone call to his mother.

“He had just locked the youth in the office with a phone when he was struck from behind and from the side.

“The attackers demanded Counselor Glassman’s keys so they could attack another youth and to possibly escape.

“Counselor Glassman replied: ‘You’ll have to kill me because you aren’t getting them.’

“Other youths joined the attack on Counselor Glassman. He fell backward, hitting his head on a table.

“He was kicked in the head and the body, but still refused to relinquish his keys.

“Counselor Copeland entered the room and without thought for his own safety immediately went to Counselor Glassman’s aid.

“The youths turned to attacking Counselor Copeland. By directing the attack to him, he may have saved Counselor Glassman from being killed.

“Security personnel arrived and subdued the assailants.

“Counselors Glassman and Copeland acted in the highest CDCR traditions of bravery and unselfish service.”